What is Shanghai Portland? It’s definitely a trip Some say it’s hip You’re taking a sip Your next friendship A smile on your lip It's our Landship Something you don’t want to skip!

ABOUT Shanghai Portland Party Bus and Tours
5 Star Reviews since 2013 !!
Party Buses are here to stay! Traditional Limos and stretch Hummers have quickly become a thing of the past as Party Buses take over the scene due to your ability to stand up, dance around, and carry far more people with way more space to stretch out.

All of our buses have nice, new custom designed upholstery and comfortable seating. The sound systems will truly knock your socks off and our unique lighting systems add ambience that you can only find in a Shanghai Party Bus. And as you’ve probably noticed our mention of Karaoke, the 50,000 songs to choose from and microphones are sure to add some silly fun to any trip on our buses! And, oh yeah! We have a 5 STAR RATING on Yelp, Google, & Facebook

Why the name SHANGHAI ?? According to local legend, and some very concrete loose evidence, back in the late 1800’s, Portland folks would actually get “shanghaied” and handed over to sea captains and forced to work in a very slave-like fashion with no pay. It is said they would actually be abducted via trap doors from pubs or brothels into secret tunnels until they could be brought to ship. It is in this tradition that we will “shanghai” you away onto our party bus, show you an amazing time, and deliver you safely home. And none of that nasty work stuff, we promise. 

ABOUT Shanghai Portland Party Bus and Tours