How to Make Sure Your Transportation Runs Smoothly on Your Wedding Day

Hiring wedding transportation is one of the most essential parts of the planning process, but couples often overlook it until the last minute. If your service and vows are in two different Oregon locations, it makes a lot of sense to provide transportation between both venues. This allows everyone to kick back, relax, enjoy some drinks, and not have to worry about directions or timings.

Similarly, if your guests are staying at a hotel and need transportation to and from the venue, a party bus or shuttle is a great idea.

We love organizing wedding shuttles on our party buses. Trust us – a party bus will beat a typical car service, limo, or Uber any day! People will remember the transportation just as much as the reception – they’ll have a blast. That said, you need to ensure that your wedding day transportation runs smoothly.

How to Organise Your Wedding Day Shuttle Service

  • Be clear that you’re providing transportation – Make sure you tell your guests that you have hired a party bus or shuttle to transport them between venues. Otherwise, they can end up confused and trying to book their own taxis or Ubers. Make an announcement during the service, and be sure to tell some key guests all of the details (we all have those friends and family members we can rely on the most!).
  • Mark the pick-up spot with a sign – If your shuttle is picking people up from a hotel, it’s a good idea to mark the spot clearly with a sign. If you are arranging more than one departure, list these on the sign.
  • Book separate transportation for the wedding party – If you and your wedding party need to arrive earlier or later than the rest of the guests, book a smaller shuttle to ensure that you get there on time.

Wedding Shuttles Can Make Your Day Easier

There’s a lot to be said for knowing where your guests are, when they’ll arrive, and that they won’t be driving under the influence! You’ll also find that your wedding shuttle can actually be a lot of fun – guests tend to have a blast on their way to and from your celebration.

We love working with couples on weddings of all sizes and styles. Whether you want a rocking party bus or a more sophisticated shuttle service, we will gladly make your vision come to life. Get in touch early, as we book up far in advance.