Brewery, Shanghai Portland

Not Your Average Portland Brewery Tour  

A Shanghai Portland Brewery Tour is more than a shuttle around town, it’s an experience in itself that you and your friends won’t soon forget. Our buses give you the space to hang out, jam out, or sing your heart out all while visiting your favorite breweries. With coolers for snacks and drinks, premium lighting and sound systems, and limo-style seating for up to 35 of your beer-loving friends, the fun begins as soon as you climb aboard. 

In our five years of hosting excellent bus experiences, we’ve learned the ropes of the renowned Portland beer scene. You can relax as we take you to your top breweries, or we can offer suggestions for some of our favorites. Whatever you choose, our friendly and flexible drivers aim to please. 

Portland Craft Beer – It’s a Big Deal

Touted as the Craft Beer Capital of the World, Portland is the perfect destination for beer enthusiasts of all stripes. And with 117 breweries (and counting) in the city and surrounding metro area, there are plenty of places to explore. Whether you are into hoppy IPAs, tangy sours, malty porters, or rich lagers, Portland has something for everyone. Make a bus from Shanghai Portland your home base for the experience that takes you to every corner of this thriving beer mecca. 

Breweries Are Just the Start with Shanghai Portland

Our local breweries are known for their penchant for experimenting with all things fermentation as much as they are known for writing the book on world-class IPAs. With so many options to choose from, it can be hard to know what makes an essential Portland brewery tour. The good news is, with Shanghai Portland it’s easier than you think – just get on the bus, follow your beer-loving heart, and open your palette to the possibilities. If you don’t have a bucket list of brewpubs, taprooms, cideries, meaderies, or other Portland fermentation hubs yet, we are always happy to share some of our favorites. Here’s a taste of some of the breweries we love:

Gigantic Brewing Company serves up an impressive rotation of creative beers in their taxidermy-laden Gigantic Taproom and Champagne Lounge.

Great Notion Brewing has more than a few tasty sours, a food menu that will get you snacking, and two locations to choose from.

Breakside Brewery’s IPA is considered one of the best in a city famous for that style of beer, so it’s worth putting the hype to the test.

Why Choose our

Brewery, Shanghai Portland

Bus for Your Brewery Tour?

We all know there is safety in numbers and designating a driver, but can you name the other benefits of captaining your own beer bus? We can.

  • Instead of searching for brewery tours near me, you can check out spots that AREN’T near you. After all, Portland is a big, beautiful city full of breweries to explore. 
  • You can forget about finding parking or navigating traffic and focus on your friends and which karaoke song will most impress them.
  • Any event – birthday celebrations, high school reunions, adult intramural kickball league championships – is better when it’s on the move. There will never be a dull moment when even the transportation is a part of the event. 
  • If you are new to town or just visiting, you can lean on our local knowledge and share in our enthusiasm for our hometown. 

What Makes a Damn Good Beer Bus

Not every brewery tour is equal and we think a damn good beer bus makes the difference. In addition to expert drivers who strike a balance between an excellent time and customer safety, Shanghai Portland has a bus that fits you and your brewery tour. Whether you are a large group looking to make an impression in our Solid Gold Bus or you want to take a turn in the smaller Karaoke Limo Bus, we can take you around town in comfort and style. And if you need to refresh your cooler or want a pizza pit stop on your Portland brewery tour, we’ve been known to do that too.