Brewery Tours

More microbreweries than any other city in the WORLD? YES!! Explore a combination of breweries and distilleries and catch a buzz while learning our brewing/distilling culture.  We can recommend our favorite breweries and distilleries or just say the word and we’ll whip together a schedule for you! We will charge our normal hourly rate and you can bring everyone who will fit on the bus.

Wine Tours

Allow us to suggest to you some of the most exciting vineyards to visit in the Willamette Valley!  Our list of wineries to choose from is based on our personal 3 requirements:  Scenic & breathtaking views of vineyards, the very best tasting wines, and just as important, the friendly staff at these great establishments. We would love to take you on a journey to wine country for tastings or to buy bottles so you and your group can find out what all the hype is about and why Oregonian wines have become more popular every year.

Night Life Experience

Experience different aspects of the ever growing night-life in Portland as we cheers and imbibe our way around town.  Choose from our list of destinations or choose your own spots.  Either way, you travel worry free of driving and can focus on the fun!  Remember, we can provide amazing buses, but your group will ultimately make or break the experience.  We look forward to meeting you in high spirits and ready to make memories!