The Chill Bus

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The Chill Bus


Straight Chillin’. That’s all that’s happening on this bus! If you are looking for a laid back bus rental experience, the Chill Bus is for you. This bus is great for small to medium-sized groups and has several unique features that will elevate your Portland bus tours and bus experiences. 

The ceiling-mounted LED lighting system sets the mood while the premier sound system plays your favorite tunes. Limo-style seating can accommodate up to 18 passengers and multiple coolers keep your drinks and snacks the perfect temperature. 

But the kicker is the 360-degree view. The large windows all around the bus give you and your group panoramic views of your journey – whether you’re getting deep into city life with a Portland brewery tour, you’re venturing out to Willamette Valley or Hood River wineries, our you’re in search of the elusive goal of team fun for a company retreat. With the Chill Bus, you won’t miss a thing. 

$150 Hourly Book Now